MCA Urbanists takes a unique direction in the development of architecture and planning projects. Our focus is to create projects that have an immediate positive impact on their surroundings while creating lasting value for our clients. All our projects start with a simple premise, that creating beautiful buildings and urban plans will allow for our clients to do more each time they work with us. This 'doing more' is a key component to our success and allows us to have a very selective group of clients.

The types of projects that we are involved with demand creative, intensive solutions that ultimately provide more units, if apartments, more square footage, if retail and commercial, and higher rent per square foot or bedroom.  As an example we have set the standard for the upper end of apartment and retail/commercial rents in Bloomington, IN.

Our projects consistently appraise higher and retain their value longer for our clients. We achieve this while providing inventive designs without spending more for construction than the average for projects in our area.  Our clients’ projects consistently win approval in the political arena of planning and zoning while being supported by the immediate, affected neighbors. We create density when others cannot and provide aesthetically beautiful projects to back it up.

In this age of specialization, architectural practice can become boxed-in and can lead to doing only schools or hospitals or shopping centers.  Our firm has consciously chosen to work on many different types of mixed-use projects and urban plans, from small to large. This allows us to create unique solutions for each site and client. We specialize in only one thing, creativity.  We enjoy having the ability to work only with clients that share in this vision of creativity and long term commitment.  With this strategy we create singular projects that have a positive aesthetic and financial outcome for all involved. Our ability to repeat  this success, as a team, is very rewarding.